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Outsourced Accounting Services for Companies in Europe (full GDPR compliance)

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We are a well-coordinated Ukrainian team with the strongest expertise in providing outsourced accounting services. We have been working on the Ukrainian market for 14 years. We support our Clients from the start-up stage, and we guide them through all the processes, helping them reach their business goals. We are part of the Accountor Group, a provider with 78 years of customer service experience in EU countries.

We can be useful if your company wants to outsource simple accounting operations and / or administrative tasks

Services for European Companies:

  • Processing source documents
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Assistant services
  • ERP systems services
  • Xero accounting service
  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • SAP Accounting
  • Bank transactions
  • Office assistant services
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management reports

Our experts speak English and are ready to provide services for European Companies.


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Our Pros

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Accountor Group has 78 years of expertise, 14 of them on the UA market
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High-level security for your sensitive accounting data in accordance with the GDPR

Flexibility in cooperation

We can work with both your financial team and the Tax accounting services provider

We are passionate about our work. For us, it is an effective tool for making informed business decisions. We are ready for tasks of varying complexity and for challenges and requests from our Clients.

With Accountor Ukraine, each Client gets a team of experts: Team Leader, Accountant and Key Account Manager. With the help of different digital tools and data processing software, we support our Clients with maximum speed and security.

Let's increase the efficiency of your financial processes together!