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The Ukrainian Electronic Waybill Project

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 629 (click the link to read in Ukrainian) at a regular meeting on May 30, which entered into  force on June 4. This Resolution approves the procedure for the implementation of the experimental electronic waybill project for domestic freight transportation. This is the next stage in the development of the electronic waybill system (e-TTN), which has been around for five years.


It is worth mentioning that the experimental electronic waybill project was supposed to start in August 2022 but was delayed due to the war. In July 2019, the Ministry of Infrastructure allowed to use the electronic waybills by Order 413, but drivers still had to print paper copies.

Starting from January 2020, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the  providers of the electronic document management systems (EDO) started a single central electronic waybill database project. This system allowed users to exchange data on the transportation of goods and helped state authorities to check their legality.

Currently, there are plans to improve the electronic waybill system with the aim to completely renounce paper documents. The system provides for all possible scenarios that may arise during transportation and that must be documented (destination change, correction of mistakes in the electronic waybill, etc.). Also, new transportation participants, such as freight forwarders and intermediate warehouse workers, have been added to the system. The central database of the eletronic waybill system is being improved to ensure that it would be fully functional under wartime conditions and despite the attacks on energy infrastructure.

The goal of the experimental project, which is to last 2 months, is to integrate the e-waybill system with the existing state information resources and to test their digital information interaction. It is about:

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  • the weighing-in-motion (WIM) system
  • the unified register of waybills for the transportation of alcoholic beverages
  • the unified state system of electronic accounting of wood
  • the information systems of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety
  • the information and communication systems of the the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

Besides, the introduction of e-waybills applies to the transportation of dairy raw materials, bread and bakery products, high-octane oxygen-containing components, petroleum products (petroleum), wood, ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages, objects of sanitary measures. In three months, the Ministry of Infrastructure is to approve the procedure for the functioning of the e-waybill electronic document management system.The e-waybill system is based on international data exchange standards, which simplifies integration with the European e-CMR system, which, in turn, is expected to simplify the document exchange process and other logistics processes.

The Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine along with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine is implementing the electronic waybill system (e-TTN) with the help of the "Support of digital transformation" project supported by USAID and UK Dev. The "Institute of Analytics and Advocacy" public organzation is also a partner in the implementation of this project, and the project will be financed by international technical non-refundable financial assistance.

Participation in the pilot project of the electronic waybill (e-TTN) system is voluntary.To join the e-waybil system, the participants of freight transportation must conclude contracts with the electronic document management system providers.

During the electronic document management project, providers will be submitting data on the implementation of the project in terms of the number of freight transportation participants who joined it, and the number of the generated electronic documents (e-waybills, corrective documents) via the e-waybill system to the Ministry of Infrastructure every quarter by the 10th of the following month. Other participants of the experimental project shall provide information on its progress at the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as news and history of the implementation process can be found on the official website (click the link to read in Ukrainian).

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