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Accountor Ukraine is 15!

What did you do when you were fifteen? They say that for young people, this age is a kind of a dress rehearsal for adulthood. Well, and for companies, it's a great moment for "gathering stones", making conclusions and showing some cool results! 

For fifteen years, Accountor Ukraine has been a reliable provider of outsourced accounting and legal services for foreign companies who wish to expand their business to our country. We have helped dozens of well-known international brands to get started and to succeed in the Ukrainian market.  

Fifteen years ago, we had no idea that the war in Donbas would break out soon, followed by the coronavirus pandemic and later by the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Each of these events was a big challenge, as we were responsible not only for our well-being, but also for those of our customers.

Oftentimes,  we had to find the courage to make difficult decisions and gather our strength to move forward. The outcome? Well, even in 2020-2022, our business grew by 20%, and the reviews of our clients speak for themselves.

Our team has grown from a couple accountants and legal advisors to a couple dozen experts. We call ourselves the #DreamTeam and we mean it, as one of the principles of Accountor is “People First!” We keep growing and developing together. As part of the Accountor Group, we have learned a lot from our fellow Accountorians from other countries - e.g., in January 2023, we had the opportunity to visit our HQ in Helsinki and to spend some quality time with our Finnish and Dutch colleagues.

What are we looking forward to? Of course, the Victory of Ukraine, new horizons and new prospects for both local and international businesses. 

Happy birthday to us! 😊

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