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Non-Resident Company Registration in Ukraine

Electronic document management with employees in Russia

Accountor offers the following services:

  • Filling in the 1-OPN Application form;
  • Drafting the Power of Attorney confirming the authority of a non-resident's representative in Ukraine;
  • Arranging a notarized translation into Ukrainian of documents provided by the non-resident.

Foreign companies must submit the following documents to supervisory bodies:

  1. Application form 1-OPN:a standard form to be filled out in Ukrainian and to be signed by the representative in Ukraine;
  1. Extract from the relevant business register (trade, banking or other registers, which records the fact of state registration of a company), issued in the country of registration of the foreign company/organization and legalized under the established procedure, accompanied  by notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  1. A document confirming the assignment of an identification/registration/account number (code) to the non-resident companyin the country of where they were registered (Please note that this document is required only if the Extract does NOT contain  the code);
  1. Power of Attorney confirming the authority of the non-resident's representative in Ukraine: if this document is issued in the country of registration of the non-resident company, it must be legalized in the prescribed manner and accompanied by a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  1. Copy of the Certificate confirming the registration of the Representative Office in Ukraine: the copy must be verified with the signature of the representative in Ukraine.

All foreign companies registering with supervisory bodies are given a 9-digit registrationcode. Foreign companies also receive their registration certificate (Form 34-OPP).

Why choose Accountor:

Company registration services in Russia

Full support of all processes

We support all processes and provide the following services:
+ Non-Resident Registration
+ Company registration
+ Accounting Outsourcing
+ HR & Payroll
+ Recruitment services

Data Protection

We protect your data
With data protection systems of Accountor Group, all of your data and/or any related information is secure and shall remain strictly confidential.


We are fluent in English
We have been supporting foreign businesses in Ukraine since 2008

You do not need additional outsourcing providers to get your business going in Ukraine

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