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Non-Resident Company Registration in Ukraine

Electronic document management with employees in Russia

Accountor offers the following services:

  • Filling in the 1-OPN Application form;
  • Drafting the Power of Attorney confirming the authority of a non-resident's representative in Ukraine;
  • Arranging a notarized translation into Ukrainian of documents provided by the non-resident.

Foreign companies must submit the following documents to supervisory bodies:

  1. Application form 1-OPN:a standard form to be filled out in Ukrainian and to be signed by the representative in Ukraine;
  1. Extract from the relevant business register (trade, banking or other registers, which records the fact of state registration of a company), issued in the country of registration of the foreign company/organization and legalized under the established procedure, accompanied  by notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  1. A document confirming the assignment of an identification/registration/account number (code) to the non-resident companyin the country of where they were registered (Please note that this document is required only if the Extract does NOT contain  the code);
  1. Power of Attorney confirming the authority of the non-resident's representative in Ukraine: if this document is issued in the country of registration of the non-resident company, it must be legalized in the prescribed manner and accompanied by a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  1. Copy of the Certificate confirming the registration of the Representative Office in Ukraine: the copy must be verified with the signature of the representative in Ukraine.

All foreign companies registering with supervisory bodies are given a 9-digit registrationcode. Foreign companies also receive their registration certificate (Form 34-OPP).

You do not need additional outsourcing providers to get your business going in Ukraine