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COVID-19 has brought us all into a new phase of life: physically, mentally, emotionally and progressively. Our self-preservation instinct has strengthened. We started paying more attention to ourselves, listening to our bodies, thinking about our health, the health of our friends and family. Of course, our hierarchy of values ​​has shifted, too, and these changes have more or less affected all business processes.

Recruiting, as one of the most sensitive areas, shows perhaps the most interesting dynamics.

We at Accountor Ukraine would like to share our experience and show you several solutions that we are ready to utilize and develop in our future business processes.

  1. Arranging Online Meetings

We have seen that this method frees up a lot of time which is usually spent on organizational issues in the office. Besides, if a certain candidate is late for the meeting or cancels it, it is much easier to shift and adjust the schedule of the next online interviews, since you exclude the time candidates normally need for commuting.

  1. Video Interviews

According to our observations, this type of interview might improve the way the interlocutors present themselves. Being home, the candidates avoid the stress associated with commuting to a new place and adapting to a particular office. The interlocutors perceive the information more carefully, and are more open when asking questions about the job. In addition, the recruiter can connect another employee to the online conversation if necessary, which makes the interview less monotonous and more productive.

  1. Online Tests

At first, we were skeptical of this idea, believing that an oral online test’s results would be distorted. We believed the candidates would not have the opportunity to delve into the question, having to rely on auditory perception only. But, to our surprise, everything turned out to be exactly the opposite. Candidates have passed our test smoothly and showed some really good results. Moreover, we noticed that this way of testing has activated their imagination, whereas many provided non-standard and very interesting answers to our questions.

4. Approving Candidates Online

According to our experience, the online mode of evaluating interview results and approving candidates by the company’s managers does not diminish the quality of discussion. Moreover, due to the opportunity to quickly connect a certain colleague to the discussion, the effectiveness of decision-making has increased.

  1. Online Adaptation of New Employees

A pleasant discovery and a real life hack for us was how quickly and seamlessly the employee’s online adaptation to the new team went. Of course, we had to develop new business processes and roadmaps for this, as well as to establish a quick and efficient way of exchanging information. Thanks to such innovations, we were able to achieve the goal of integrating new members into the team and getting them involved into an intense work rhythm.

We at Accountor Ukraine have proved that in the face of a rapidly changing world, it is necessary (and it is possible) to find new high-quality solutions and opportunities to develop your team and your business.

The dynamics of growth the number of vacancies in the areas during the quarantine period (inf.

The dynamics of growth the number of vacancies in the areas during the quarantine period (inf.