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Customer Success Stories at Accountor Ukraine

Most companies like creating powerful workforce slogans, such as "we are a family", or "we are the dream team".  When we at Accountor Ukraine provide outsourced services to our client companies, we make sure that each of our employees feels that he/she is a full-fledged member of the team. The ultimate goal of Accountor Ukraine is not only providing "standard" customer service but also contributing to process optimization in each company, as it has a positive impact on all of their activities, not only in terms of accounting or legal matters.

Accountor Ukraine offers the best solutions for every client company in order to achieve maximum results. After all, every success story, every step towards development and improvement facilitated by Accountor Ukraine is our victory.

Today, we would like to share the feedback we received from some of our clients regarding their cooperation with Accountor Ukraine.


Process Automation

Request: software optimization 

Solution:  The Accountor Ukraine experts helped a subsidiary of a Finnish group of companies to automate and modify their reports, as well as to transition to a new accounting program. This way, a large number of work processes was optimized, including their interactions with the Head Office. The subsidiary keeps using the tools implemented by Accountor Ukraine and contacts us for updates, new configurations etc.

Conclusion: Today, engaging in digitization, robotization, and automation no longer means being one step ahead. It is just essential for keeping up with the times. That is why it is an important part of our work at Accountor Ukraine.

Comprehensive Support from a single service provider

Request: Starting a business in Ukraine

Solution: After the full-scale invasion started, Accountor Ukraine helped a Singaporean company enter the Ukrainian market, i.e., we registered a limited liability company, drew up the internal policies and regulations, organized the accounting processes in compliance with all the local peculiarities, and took care of other procedures.

starting a business in Ukraine

Since then, we have been doing their accounting, also in the client's program that our experts mastered quickly after a couple of trainings. Recently, a new program for Group reporting was introduced by the client, which the Accountor Ukraine experts also mastered in no time. 

Conclusion: One of the top priorities for Accountor Ukraine is to ensure smooth cooperation between our company and our client companies. To achieve this, we look at the peculiarities of each business, regardless of the country and mentality, and despite the differences in accounting standards in Ukraine and worldwide.

business processes optimization

Business Process Optimization

Request: Streamlining the document and data exchange processes.

Solution: In addition to our standard accounting services, Accountor Ukraine helped an American HR company solve some non-standard issues related to their international business processes. We helped them acquire the tools for signing documents remotely remote and accessing data  in the accounting programs faster. This streamlined their workflow and sped up data exchange between our companies.

Apart from that, Accountor Ukraine also helped this client unlock and opening bank accounts and recover their accounting data for a rather long period. We facilitated their transition from the simplified taxation system to the general system (to optimize taxes), recovered the company's operations, and dissolved an inactive company of the Group. The client praised our customized approach and our experts' attention to the specifics of foreign businesses in Ukraine. 

Conclusion: The approach of Accountor Ukraine gives clients a chance to get a wide range of services from a single provider. This saves time that would otherwise be used for communicating, as our specialists are already familiar with the nuances of all work processes.

Liquidation of Foreign Representative Office in Ukraine

Request: Liquidation of a foreign representative office in Ukraine 

Solution: Accountor Ukraine also helped another American company dissolve their representative office in Ukraine in just a few months, although this procedure may typically take more time. The client appreciated the speed of the liquidation process, 

This company also praised their customer experience with Accountor Ukraine:  from daily communication with our managers to overall satisfaction levels with the services we provided.

woman smiling

Conclusion: Accountor Ukraine is a service provider who understands the needs of foreign businesses in Ukraine, and our clients appreciate this.

The above are just some of our achievements out of many successful collaborations. We at Accountor Ukraine are continuously seeking new ways to improve the services we provide in every way possible.

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