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NB! New Template for Report on Labor (1ПВ)

Accountor informs that in order to keep improving state statistical surveillance on labor and in order to obtain full, well-rounded and objective statistical data, State Statistics Service of Ukraine issued Decree # 259 of July 31, 2019, approving a new template for the “Report on Labor” (quarterly template #1-ПВ). The Decree came into force on February 1, 2020. Due to this, legal entities and their affiliates must file the “1-ПВ report for the first quarter of 2020 in accordance with the new template.

The updated template has new requirements to the way indicators must be provided in section IV “Distribution of Employees According to Their Payroll Amounts”.  E.g., new limits were imposed for distribution of the number of employees depending on the amounts of their payroll accruals.

Apart from this, a new section was added to the template: Section VIIWorkforce Costs Which Are Not Included in Payroll Fund of 2019”.  In this section, companies must provide information on:

  • The companys workforce costs except the ones already included in the payroll fund.
  • The companys costs for the social benefits of the employees.
  • The companys costs for cultural and social services for the employees.
  • The companys costs for the employeesaccommodation.  
  • The company’s costs for professional education.
  • Other workforce-related expenses.
  • The average number of the companys registered employees.

Please note that the Report on Labor must be submitted by legal entities and their affiliates to their local state statistics bodies by the 7th of the month following the reporting period, as it was before.