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Tax Consulting in Ukraine

We are happy to assist in optimizing tax schemes and tax payments and are always ready to advise on document preparation.

What tax advice do we provide?

Tax audit

We advise and represent taxpayers when tax authorities conduct audits and other  inspections.

Tax disputes

We assist and advise clients involved in disputes with Ukrainian tax authorities such as, for example, unreasonable tax claims.

Tax planning and optimization

We offer tax optimization and tax planning services. We also structure investments and draft international trade as well as consolidation and acquisition agreements.

Tax accounting and document submission

We offer a full range of services for tax registration, as well as document and tax return submission.

Accountor is a professional company specializing in tax consulting. We draw from our varied experience in Ukrainian tax administration to minimize client risks and cut client costs. Our accountants have over the years gained extensive experience working with tax authorities, and they combine this practical experience with our tax lawyers’ knowledge of legislation to give the best tax consulting services. Accountor has been successfully working with Ukrainian tax authorities since 2008 and is proud to be considered one of the best tax service provider in Ukraine.

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