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COVID-19 Anti-crisis service package

Accountor Ukraine offers the following service package:

1. Settlement of disputes under the terms of existing contracts in connection with the Emergency Situation and quarantine;
2. Advice on the possibility of relying on force majeure terms of the existing contracts;
3. Analysis of current contracts for possible risks in connection with the emergency situation and quarantine;
4. Advice on risk avoidance / optimization / amendments to the existing contracts;
5. Preparation of notifications for counterparties on changes of working conditions in connection with the emergency situation and quarantine;
6. Advice on optimizing rent payments for office space;
7. Obtaining a certificate of force majeure from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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We also offer consultations regarding the following:

• Rent payments during quarantine: to pay or not to pay?
• The impact of quarantine on contractual obligations.
• Is quarantine a force majeure event?
• What is “emergency situation”, “emergency”, “self-isolation” and “quarantine”?
• Quarantine in Ukraine 2020: business risks and how to reduce them
• Clarification of new laws adopted because of COVID-19.

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Each Accountor Ukraine specialist is a professional in legal issues and consulting
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We are ready to offer innovative ideas and flexible solutions to the most difficult legal situations and disputes
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Speed and Accuracy

The qualifications and experience of our specialists help businesses get clear and quick answers to legal questions and deal with any kind of legal situation

Accountor Ukraine, as part of the Accountor Group, which has offices in 7 countries, provides professional support to international companies in the face of global challenges related to force majeure.