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Accountor Group CEO Niklas Sonkin’s Letter to Customers (COVID-19)

Dear customer,                                                        

I am writing this message with a perplexed mind. What is happening in the world now seems mostly surreal, although it is as true as can be. Most of us have already had to face the crisis in one form or another and have had to change our behaviour and actions.

These are challenging and worrisome times for us all. Both large and small companies have faced an unprecedented decline in consumption and a decline in the availability of production capabilities. This admittedly will have an impact on our total revenue, earnings and cash flow. Many struggle for their existence in a way that a few weeks ago seemed impossible.

We at Accountor are closely monitoring the situation so that we can take the needed actions and to ensure that we as a company do the right thing also to support the society.

Accountor’s personnel has adjusted to this new situation very well. We will continue to serve you in the best possible way and our service ability so far has remained on a good level. We will do our best to keep it on a good level even as the pandemic progresses. Accountor Group has moved into working remotely, both for outsourcing and software, both to protect our employees’ health and to ensure continuity of service and product support. We serve more than 150 000 corporate customers.

As our customer, you are of paramount importance to us. We are constantly working to provide you with support and assistance. We e.g. cooperate with the tax authorities, banks and other authorities to help those at risk of cash crisis.

The world is changing, but we need to work together and continue supporting each other. You can contact us if you need any advice or assistance. You can best reach us through your designated contact person. You can also leave us a contact request through our website or chat, and our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

I wish you strength and courage to face the challenges ahead. Let’s take care of each other and stay safe!

With kind regards,
Niklas Sonkin
Accountor Group