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HR Management

Our HR-services and personnel development services are suitable for all industries and company sizes. Your best employees are sought after by other employers. Do you have a plan for retaining competence?


Accountor’s HR expert can help you develop a strategy to keep expertise in your company. With our services you create fairness and transparency while administrative costs are reduced. 


  • Creates transparency, security and fairness in the workplace
  • Visualizes the challenges in the work environment
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Reduces risk of legal actions, fines and penalties

HR closing of the books

HR closing of the books sends a strong signal that management follows up on problems in the work environment, in a transparent manner. The product includes a compilation of staff turnover, sickness numbers, workload etc.

Equality plan

There are many laws and regulations employers must adhere to. A gender equality plan will help you to comply with one of them, namely that all companies with more than ten employees have to carry out systematic rules of procedures for gender equality.

Process for HR services

We begin with an initial interview where we go through your start position and need situation. Together we review the framework and collective agreements as well as applicable laws. Then we deliver a draft that you are evaluating. The process ends with a meeting where we present staff handbook (or other current HR product) and hand over the ongoing management to you. You receive closing tips on what you need to think about for the future and which stakeholders you need to keep updated towards, such authorities and pension funds.

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