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Travel and expense claims

The modern software of today reduces paperwork and makes life easier for your organisation when on the go. We provide electronic tools and support for your travel and expense claims.


Accountor offer as an integral part of the payroll service, travel and expense management (the service is also available as stand-alone). Travel and expense management system is web based which means employees easily register their expenses, receipts and on-duty car driving distance via the internet, after which they are approved by the manager.

Everything is handled online

A web based solution is easily accessible to users no matter where they are. It is also easy for both employees and managers to see what is registered or not at a given time.


  • You get a solution that follow the company policy and the tax rules
  • All taxable benefits are automatically transferred to the payroll system
  • The payment appears on the salary slip and in connection with the regular payment of salary
  • All expenses are recorded automatically on the correct account, which reduces administrative costs
  • All rules (such as travel allowance) are followed automatically by the system
  • Usually currency updates occur for those receipts that are in a foreign currency
  • We can also offer reviewing of receipts for increased quality and security


How easy is it to deal with this through the app

  1. Paper receipts are photographed and digital receipts are emailed directly to the app
  2. They are automatically interpreted so that you do not have to fill in amounts, VAT and date
  3. Easily register your travels including subsistence allowances for both domestic and international travels
  4. Attest can be made directly in the system

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